Monday, November 7, 2011

Don't Quit Before Your Breakthrough

God's answer always comes, in God's time. On occassion, it's 'a little time' -- often its 'a lot of time.' Take Caleb for example. Why God promised Caleb the land of Hebron. But 40 years passed before Hebron is given. Finally when Caleb was 85 God fulfilled his promise (Joshua 14:13). But why? Joshua 14:14 tell us: “So Hebron belonged to Caleb….because [Caleb] followed the Lord…wholeheartedly…” Joshua 14:14

But sadly many become half-hearted -- we don’t persevere. Ironically, such resignation happens ‘late in the game -- right before God’s response. Translated: often we quit -- right before our breakthrough – right before ‘striking gold.’ One of the greatest discoveries of gold occurred in 1922, by archaeologist Howard Carter when he discovered the famed tomb of King Tut, in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. Why Carter spent months digging and digging -- but eventually he found King Tut’s tomb, filled with hundreds of pounds of gold, imbedded in a mind-boggling 5,398 items. Ironically, however – Howard Carter was not the first person be on the doorstep of King Tut’s tomb. Why eight years earlier in 1914, archaeologist Theodore Davis was on the doorstep of King Tut’s tomb. But Davis got tuckered out, and stopped digging. Translated: Davis quit -- declaring: “I fear the Valley [of the Kings] is now exhausted.” But ‘the rest as they say is history’ – as Howard Carter picked up where Theodore Davis left off – continuing to explore, doggedly -- in spite of skeptics – in spite of doubts – in spite of fatigue -- literally striking gold – ironically -- just a few feet – from where Theodore Davis had stopped digging.

Where are you tempted to stop digging? Believe: you’re only a few feet from God’s response! You’re only a few feet from striking gold! And so don’t stop digging. I know its tough, I know it’s exhausting. But don’t stop digging. Don’t give up!

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